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We genuinely want you to enjoy every minute.

Our classes provide the variety you need to stay motivated, from total body workouts, and high-intensity Tabata to yoga, Pilates, and indoor cycling. Beginners, take heart, we’re here to help you feel at ease, no matter your skill level. The atmosphere is so inviting, you may be surprised how quickly you advance. So don’t be shy. Try something you’ve always been tempted to do.

  • Class Schedule


*Schedule goes live every Sunday at 2PM for the following week of classes allowing you to reserve your spot up to two weeks in advance.


Develop an evenly conditioned body, gently and gracefully.

Reformer Heat

It's all in the name. This class is bringing the HEAT. If you are looking for challenging core and booty class, this one will set you on fire. We blend contemporary Pilates moves with strengthening moves to target, tighten, and tone your hips, thighs and abs. You will feel the fire in this class.

  • Experience level - Intermediate
  • Difficulty - Moderate to Intense

Reformer Pilates

Our signature reformer class strengthens and tones the entire body. By fusing contemporary methods with classical Pilates, we deliver a unique and focused training that will define your core and sculpt your muscles while improving posture and flexibility. Each class is designed to challenge clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Whether it is the first class or the hundredth class, each client will leave feeling challenged and accomplished!

  • Experience level - Beginner to all levels
  • Difficulty - Easy to Challenging

    Group Exercise

    Small group classes keep workouts fresh, effective, and more enjoyable.


    A harmonious fusion of the finest elements from both mat Pilates and Yoga, meticulously curated to strike the perfect balance between strength, flexibility, and mindful movement.

    Functional Strength

    A class incorporating the use of gliders, resistance bands, core strength, med balls, and kettlebells that focuses on building a strong foundation in the core and glutes to help with athletic performance, everyday movements, and mobilization.


    The second in a 2 series class, Lean and Gainz. Gainz is designed to address acute variables to develop maximum strength, definition, and power. Get ready to work you’re a** off because there’s no crying on The Yard. To counter the intense Gainz your bound to make in this class, we suggest you attend both Lean and Gainz each week for the most effective outcome.

    Hustle and Core

    Hustle from head to toe in this circuit class using your bodyweight and some simple free weights. This class is designed to give you a total body burn with and extra emphasis on full body hustle and core!


    One of a 2 series class, Lean and Gainz, Lean focuses on core and conditioning exercises. A no frills, heart pumping, challenging workout, Lean is not recommended for the faint of heart. You will work your core in this one class as much as someone else may do in an entire week all while maintaining an elevated heart rate. Lean and Gainz were created as a series and we suggest attendance to both classes each week to optimize you results.


    Tighten and tone your entire body using a combination of Barbells and Dumbbells. Get ready to feel the fire as our instructors guide you through a series of specifically crafted exercises chosen to define and sculpt your physique.


    Join us in this maximum calorie burning class. Part treadmill workout, part resistance training, one amazing total body workout. One of our amazing instructors will take you through a fun and well paced small group workout on the gym floor that will have you sweating and feeling slender and toned!


      Discover the way to a strong, flexible body and a peaceful mind.

      Slow Flow

      Classes are paced a bit slower than one breath per movement. They are designed to help you develop strength, flexibility and balance. Vinyasa flow gives you the opportunity to spark creativity on the mat.


      A recovery based class, great for sore muscles. A meditative and relaxing yoga practice that helps build mobility and flexibility. This class focuses on using breath to activate healing and create connection between mind and body.

      *Yoga will be hosted outdoor on the yoga deck when the heat index is comfortably between 70 and 90 degrees.


        More enjoyable and effective than riding the city streets, and no helmets required.

        Rhythm and Groove

        A 45 minute indoor studio style cycling experience, think party meets workout.  Ride with the rhythm of the music with heart pumping playlists and inspirational instructors.  


        HIIT training meets incredible music.  A 45 minute indoor cycling ride with defined resistance, cadence ranges, and driving music.  Each ride will consist of climbs, drills, and intervals for one amazing workout.